Brass Nickel Pins Knife Making Handle Pins WITH Heads Makers Various Sizes USA

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Brass or nickel silver, colors vary.  non-magnetic metal.. Please view pictures.  Colors may vary from lot to lot.  Knife makers pins. WITH heads.  From the Schrade Factory sale.  Made in USA.
Small Ziplock bag full of pins.
 Brass construction. Bulk packed.  bags are about 2" wide x 3" tall and are full.  The size of bag may vary.  You are going to get a nice little pile of pins which should make several knives. 
Please use the drop down to choose the size pin you are looking for.

Style 2:
Head Diameter: 2.72 mm
Body diameter: 1.76 mm
Overall length: 5.11 mm

Style 3:
Head Diameter: 2.86 mm
Body diameter: 2.10 mm
Overall length: 13.45 mm

Style 4:
Head Diameter: 3.30 mm
Body diameter: 2.27 mm
Overall length: 13.52 mm

Style 5:
Head Diameter: 3.29 mm
Body diameter: 2.28 mm
Overall length: 13.46 mm

Style 6:
Head Diameter: 3.16 mm
Body diameter: 2.38 mm
Overall length: 12.80 mm

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