Artisan Made Genuine Navajo Fixed Blade Bone Blade Knife w/ Leather Sheath

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Native American hand made Navajo Knife and sheath for dance or display. Knife handle is covered with wrapped leather. Bone blade. Leather sheath with fringe, abalone button and metal coned horse hair whips. Each knife and sheath is slightly unique in decor and color due to natural materials being used in its construction.   Use as southwest decor, Native American decor.  Measures about 12" overall with sheath.  Knife alone is approximately 11" overall ( varies slightly), Knife blade is approximately 6".


Includes certificate of Authenticity
overall length: 12" (knife only is about 11")
knife blade: 6" (varies slightly)
Navajo hand made knife and sheath

Left handed or right handed sheath.
Bone used in the construction of this item is from non-ivory-producing camel, domestic cow or oxen.

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